Michelle Baker

Swan River Yoga

Michelle Baker is the Founder of New Orleans' based Swan River Yoga (with 3 locations) and has been teaching  yoga  full time in the entire  Gulf  Region,  NYC &  Internationally  since her first certification in 1998.

Her primary  trainings  & certifications are with Jivamukti Yoga,  Anusara  &  Ashtanga. She has studied in Mysore, India, the birth place of Hatha Yoga as we know it today. Having started with severe  scoliosis as  incentive, she is also a Reiki Level III Master, working with the fine tuning of Subtle body and has a certification in Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Massage from Thailand for optimal therapeutics of the body's unique forms.

Her deepest passion also lies in Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. This has lead her to numerous trips to India to experience the ecstatic in the form of mantra & bhajan chanting, harmonium, Sanskrit &  sargam scale studies, feeding others through her inspired seed of Good Karma Prasad Cafe (the first veg cafe in New Orleans of it's kind) & Seva, selfless service.

Dana Trixie Flynn

 Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in NYC & The Church of Yoga NOLA

Dana Trixie  Flynn is an Internationally celebrated yoga figure,  social activist and co-creator of Lotus Flow,  the soul-powered yogic movement system that frees you to move like You.

Dana is the co-founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in NYC,  SFBKLYN and Lotus' first Nonprofit in New Orleans, The Church of Yoga.

She was named one of Yoga Journal's top 10 Influential Teachers who have shaped Yoga in America and is featured in the book, Yoga Bodies.

Her devotion to activism and creating change has led her to partner with incredible organizations like Africa Yoga Project,  Project Peaceful  Warrior, Lineage Project and inspired her open a pay it forward donation based Center in the heart of New Orleans.

Dana's raw and generous spirit has inspired teachers and students around the globe to spread a message of love, devotion, service and community.


 Wild Lotus Yoga

For Zach,  yoga has been an unfolding practice of fusion and synergy, that is to say, union. He has studied yoga and meditation at the Omega Institute, Parmarth  Niketan Ashram, and at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans, where he teaches. He believes that Yoga is a great way to explore the mythos of our being. Exploring this mythos and symbology through storytelling and music is a great way to deepen this practice in a heartfelt way.

A Sound Bath is a meditation guided by music and sound. Zach will play guitar, singing bowls, and gong as you relax into the sound and observe what sensations, thoughts, and feelings arise. Sound Baths can be immensely relaxing and can sometimes bring about a cathartic release.


 URU Yoga & Beyond

Jennifer is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, mentored under the beautiful souls of Rebecca  Sathre  and Prana Devi  at  URU  Yoga & Beyond of Pensacola,  FL.  Jennifer had her first yoga experience  at a  Bikram Yoga Studio and was inspired to continue her practice throughout the years before getting certified in 2016. She also has fifteen years of experience in classical ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern  ballet.

Jennifer practices and incorporates mindfulness,  meditation,  pranayama  and  chanting to her classes. She has a strong and calm presence. She is an advocate for all beings and enjoys spending as much time outdoors. She loves her yoga community and is grateful each day that she gets to connect with other beings through the journey of yoga.

Lokah samasta sukhino bavantu