Cooking Class with Radha's Kitchen

Cooking Class with Radha's Kitchen
Saturday - 1:00 pm

Radha Kunda was a native of New Talavan farm as a young Child. A Vegetarian/Vegan from birth, she has always been fascinated with the art of cooking. Now she is the proud owner and chef of Radha's Kitchen. She travels to share her love of cooking. She has cooked for Envision Music festival, Higher Taste, Krsna Kitchen, Festival of the Holy Name, Save the Cow Fest and countless events around the globe.

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The Nectar of Bhakti Workshop​

The Nectar of  Bhakti  Workshop
With Michelle Baker
Saturday 3:00 pm

Introducing a training in the devotional,  artful, Love expressed practices of mantra,  music, philosophies  and  scriptures, prayer & ceremony of  Bhakti  Yoga,  the yoga of Love.Gain the chance to practice  these art forms in greater  refinement  as to share them more  effectively  in the purification of the heart. Come dip into the nectar of the devotional  practices  so that you are confident in the expression of this type of Love, cleansing  your  own instrument  in the process.

*Basic  Sanskrit  Pronunciation  Practice
*Opening  the  voice  with  the  Sargam  Scale
*The holy trinity  of  notes  on the  harmonium
* A few chant to Radha & who Radha is
*Basic teachings  &  discourse of  Narada’s  Bhakti  Sutras on Bhakti Yoga
*Proper  Puja,  offering  &  altar  etiquette  as  practiced in India
*To sing!

Dip into the ecstatic  atmosphere  of devotion. This is open to ALL levels of experience and especially  to  beginners  on the Bhakti path.
Swan River Yoga | New Orleans Yoga

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Small farm Training

Small Farm training work shop

As the name implies, we’re a small farm that trains people to grow their own food. Food independence is a big deal to us. Whether your focus is your own backyard garden, a market sized garden or farming on just a few  acres, we teach what  works  for you.
Small Farm Training Center

Saturday-10 am

Sunday-10 am

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Animal protection

An ISKCON Global Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture for fifteen years, Balabhadra co-founded and is currently the president of the International Society for Cow Protection (ISCOWP) established since 1990. ISCOWP is involved in rescuing cows and distributing knowledge about the philosophical and practical aspects of cow protection. What is cow protection? Balabhadra will explain in the workshop, "Holistic Cow Protection" the true meaning of cow protection alongside New Talavan's beautiful cows. Hands-on cow experience when possible will be part of the workshop. You can also get info about how diet change helps cow protection as well as acquire cow protection t-shirts at the ISCOWP booth during the festival. See you there!

Saturday - 12:00 pm

Sunday  - 11:45 am

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Devi Dance Workshop

Ganga Sheth

Ganga  embodies  the  ritual  art  form of  Odissi  dance. She  was born  with in the  Bhakti  tradition and in 2012 graduated in Odissi,  traveling  all  over the globe  performing,  practicing and sharing  the love  of  Bhakti through dance.

Having  spent  over 10 years in  India working with renowned Odissi  gurus, Ganga has been immersing in and connecting to the core aspects of this movement. Cultivating the for msessence with the timeless grace of Devi Movement - empowerment of dance with yogic elements, healing movement, mudra meditation and breath focus.

​Saturday - 3:40pm

​Sunday - 12:45pm

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Ayurveda is a traditional healing science from India that has been practiced from time immemorial. The word, ‘Ayurveda’ means the science of life. So, in entirety, Ayurveda is not just a form of medicine or therapy, but is the science of life as a whole. In Ayurveda, we not only learn how to help one in illness, but how to live in such a way to prevent illness. According to Ayurveda, there are 2 types of bodies, the subtle body (consisting of the mind, intelligence, and ego), as well as the gross body which we can see, that are very much connected. Both the subtle and gross body has to be healthy to lead a fully healthy life and both affect each other. There are 3 parts of treatment, equally important: diet, lifestyle, and medicine/therapy. So diet and lifestyle are actually 2/3rds of any treatment. The digestion is a crucial part of our health, and what we eat, and how we metabolize and process our food is extremely vital for a healthy body and mind.

Radhika Priya Prassannatma completed her Bachelor’s of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from RGUMS India. In 2012, she was the presiding Ayurvedic practitioner in Maharishi Ayurvedic Health Center at Lancaster, the oldest in-house Panchakarma Center in America, where she gave consultations to patients, oversaw their panchakarma treatments, prescribed treatment plans along with diet and routine, gave lectures, wrote a book on Ayurveda, and conducted Ayurvedic cooking classes.

Along with Ayurveda, Radhika has learned Yoga, Indian Classical Dance, Ancient Indian Texts and chantings, Meditation, and is also interested in Vedic Astrology and plants.

Since October 2013, Radhika has been living in New Orleans with her family, where she gives consultations, occasionally presents lectures and Ayurvedic cooking classes, and writes various articles.

For the Cow Festival this year, Radhika Priya Prassannatma is going to give you an introduction to Ayurveda and show you how to practically use it everyday.

Saturday - 11:00 am

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